Smoothie Heaven

Cannot even begin to describe how much I love the pineapple banana smoothie I had for breakfast this morning! It’s super creamy and tropical, perfect for Hawaii and a great healthy treat.

To make:
-Blend 1 cup fresh pineapple with 1/4 c coconut water (I used Zico) (I recommend blending the pineapple first to get the texture as smooth as possible)
-Add 1.5-2 frozen bananas, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and a splash more coconut water if needed
-blend & enjoy!

Limiting the liquid will give you more of a smooth/creamy/ice cream kind of texture (thanks to the frozen bananas) but more will make it easier to sip. It’s just a personal preference!


Let me know what you think! 🙂


1st attempt: Protein Pancakes

Borrowed a recipe from a girl in my hall this morning and tried making protein pancakes! They turned out pretty good, I’m not really sure what I expected though! The base was egg whites so it definitely has kind of a fried egg texture to it. I’m going to keep experimenting with different ingredients and hopefully I’ll come up with the perfect mix!

Chocolate protein pancakes;
-2 egg whites
-1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder (she uses whey, I used low carb isopure in Dutch chocolate)
-1/2 banana
-coconut oil
-Crunchy almond butter

Combine eggs powder and chop banana, cook in a little bit of coconut oil and serve smeared almond butter!



I’ll also work on perfecting my “pancake” shape, mine look a little messy!

Every girl needs her Ice Cream

One very obvious, very sad thing about clean eating is that sometimes you just really want to eat foods that aren’t good for you. While I don’t believe in depriving yourself (no food is “bad” in moderation), if you give in to your cravings all the time you’ll never see progress.

So, the best solution: Make healthy alternatives! 🙂

Tonight I made myself “Ice cream” by blending frozen strawberries, sugar free hot cocoa mix, and a little bit of water. Usually I would make this using protein powder rather than hot cocoa but I don’t think that I need the extra calories this late at night! The key is to only use enough water to mix your ingredients so that strawberries (or raspberries or whatever other frozen fruit you prefer!) account for the majority of the texture and still have that rich creamy feel.

Another alternative would be frozen bananas, chocolate protein powder, a little bit of natural peanut butter, and water. Whatever strikes your fancy! I find that for most of the unhealthy foods I crave I can find a healthier version that is equally satisfying and makes me feel a little better about giving in to my sweet tooth. 🙂